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Skif Consulting company became a member of Belguim Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia

Our company has become a member of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia has the role to promote economic and trade relations between Russia and the Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union.

The primary activity of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russian Federation:

 Presentation of the target market figures and trends.

 List of brands and products present on the Russian market.

 List of players already on the market, and presentation of the distribution of existing products on the market.

 Contact list of distributors / potential customers for your products in Russia.

 Complete list of related to your field of activity and features exhibitions.

 Recommendations and tips to enter the Russian market.

The activities of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Russia revolve around two poles. It offers a share of services to its members: commercial support, domiciliation, HR support, publications and events. On the other hand, it to supports a companies from the Benelux countries, not yet operating in Russia and wishing to develop business.

For detailed information on the activities and composition of the members of the organization can be found on the official website of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

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