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VAT recovery

A return of VAT to the taxpayer’s account is one of the most complex forms of VAT recovery as compared to a VAT crediting and application of a 0% VAT rate. Theoretically, everything is quite simple, but in practice a tax authority in most cases denies VAT recovery even if the reasons of the denial are unsubstantiated and unjustified. 

According to the applicable tax legislation, VAT is recovered from budgetary funds without recourse to court proceedings. However, ultimately, avoidance of court proceedings is possible in very rare cases. It is due to the fact that the process of VAT recovery is carried out at several stages and is formalized and labour-consuming. The tax service conducts a thorough cameral inspection of the documents submitted by the applicant. Incorrect execution, silly technical mistakes and doubtful counterparties leave no chances for receipt of your funds out of court. 

Our company offers services related to supporting of the VAT recovery process, starting from filling in a declaration and submission of an application and ending with a challenging of an unfavourable decision in an arbitration court. Our lawyers will control the actions of tax inspectors and will help to protect your rights in case of detection of unlawful actions on the part of the tax service. Moreover, even in case of a denial of the application for VAT recovery, we will help to challenge it in a court and obtain an equitable decision. 

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