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Terms of cooperation for litigation and debt collection

The cost of services on collection of receivables is agreed on a case by case basis and is subject primarily to complexity of the situation and whether you apply on time.

We endeavor to arrange the work on collection of receivables so that the costs of debt collection (including the payment for our services) are borne, in the long run, by the unscrupulous debtor. It has been made possible by the current legal regulations that allow imposing the obligation to pay bills for the legal services rendered to the winning party on the losing party. However, you need to be ready for some situations when you cannot avoid spending of certain amount of money on the debt collection.

In general, the price of the service consists of an advance fee and a percentage of the actual collection.

The advance fee amount depend on complexity of the case, location of the debtor, phase when we become involved into the issue, and other individual conditions. In general, it varies from 40,000 to 100,000 rubles.

The percentage rate of the actual collection is usually fixed within the limits from 4% to 30%.

If, in the process of debt collection, there arises a need to participate in an insolvency proceeding, this is agreed and paid separately.

If you have any questions concerning the prices for our services, you may contact us by e-mail or by phone:

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