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Consultations on current matters and tax optimization

Current tax consulting plays an important role in provision of economic security and efficiency of corporate activities. It offers an opportunity to optimize taxation, to adopt correct decisions when selecting and signing a contract, calculating taxes in respect of each specific situation and accounting financial operations, as well as to avoid risks during a tax inspection.

Our company offers the following current consulting services:

- clarification of the issues of taxation with due consideration of the applicable legislation, possible financial and tax risks and specifics of your economic activities, as well as the official position of state bodies (the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Finances) in respect of these issues;
- detailed consultations on the issue of tax optimization depending on the specifics of the client’s activities;
- tax analysis of complex economical schemes, including export and import schemes and schemes complicated by a foreign element.

One should remember that the main task of tax consulting is arrangement of a taxation system that is efficient for the client. The efficiency consists in achievement of the maximum result from financial activity at minimum cost. The tax optimization process includes high-quality tax planning, i.e., development of only lawful tax reduction schemes.

Consultants of our company have a high qualification and a large experience in this sphere and are ready to encounter the task of tax optimization virtually in any business area. We will offer to you efficient and yet fully lawful tax schemes and tax minimization options, and an individual approach to each client will provide an opportunity to resolve your problems promptly.

Our company pays careful attention to such component of cooperation as information security. You may count on maintenance of strict confidentiality in respect of information on your business.

Among our clients using this form of servicing are the Air France airline company, the CJSC "Gazprom Telecom", and LLC "GL Events Vostok".

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