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Litigation and debt collection

Conclusion of transactions is always associated with a number of risks, including, in particular, dishonesty of one of the parties. Untimely payment, violation of contractual obligations and other deviations from the normal business practice compel former partners to solve the accumulated problems with the involvement of third parties. 

Resolution of disputes is quite a labour-intensive procedure, but, unfortunately, no one is immune from it. Experts of our company are ready to help you at any stages of this procedure, starting from prejudicial correspondence and negotiations and ending with judicial proceedings as such. In this connection, it should be noted that one must not put involvement of experts away for later: sometimes even a usual preliminary consultation makes possible saving of much time, money and efforts, as well as development of a reasonable and the most efficient strategy of behavior in the impending dispute.

A separate category of disputes is represented by disputes related to collection of receivables. Repayment of a debt through a court is the most efficient method of collection of receivables and the only lawful one. As a rule, one has to use this method only after it is clear that all the attempts of extrajudicial resolution of a conflict were unsuccessful. 

Our company offers services related to collection of overdue receivables through judicial authorities. Due to the long-term positive practice of conduction of similar cases, experts of our company are able to get involved into resolution of the issue at any stage of the debt collection procedure and to efficiently solve the issue in favour of the client.

It must be emphasized that the procedure of collection of a debt is arranged by exclusively lawful methods, primarily in the process of legal proceedings. A wide range of working methods and an elaborate tactics of conduction of cases enable us to achieve positive results even in the most difficult situations. 

It is important to note that the cost of a certain service is individual and depends on the circumstances of each specific case. As a rule, the amount involved does not exceed 30% from the total amount of the overdue debt. However, in the most difficult cases, the cost of cooperation may be higher.

Remember that the procedure of collection of debts in the process of legal proceedings requires special knowledge and competence. It is a long and labour-intensive process where the role of qualified lawyers is especially important. As practice shows, sensible conduction of cases significantly reduces the debtor’s chances of underestimation of the amount of the debt or even avoidance of its return. However, it is necessary to notice that 100% winning of cases is not possible, and any guarantees of the contrary are nothing but charlatanism. 

To increase the chances of a positive outcome of the case, ask our company for help right now. Already in the process of a preliminary consultation, we will propose to you the initial action plan allowing you to return your money. 

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