дизайн интерьера в украине

Special tariffs for accounting services

Tariff "Zero"

Conditions of use: client has no active operations for the previous period.

Taxation system

Amount of rate (euro per quarter, VAT free)

General taxation system


USNO (simplified taxation system) with object "profits less expenses" (15%)


USNO with object "profits" (6%)



Tariff "Stabilisation"

Conditions of use:

- company has just been registered and did not perform active operations during 2 or more previous quarters;

- scope of documents does not exceed 20 per quarter;

- 1 person in staff (general director).


Taxation system

Amount of rate (euro per month, VAT free)

General Taxation System


USNO with object "profits less expenses" (15%)


USNO with object "profit" (6%)


If you have any questions concerning the prices for our services and the rating principles, you may contact us by e-mail or by phone

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