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Support of tax inspections

Unfortunately, the current fiscal practice shows that the result of virtually any tax inspection turns out to be unfavourable for the taxpayer. According to the actual statistics, almost 99.7% of field tax inspections result in charging of additional taxes. As a rule, cameral tax inspections also mean troubles for the taxpayers, starting from losses of time and ending with denying absolutely lawful and reasonable requests.

The seriousness of possible consequences of a tax inspection directly depends on a qualified and professional support of the procedure. 

To receive this service, you may always ask tax lawyers of Skif Consulting for assistance. We propose to you full support of tax inspections, starting from preparation to such inspection and ending with signing of a certificate. Besides, assistance of our consultants at any stage of the inspection may significantly simplify a problematic situation.

 1. Preliminary examination

It is best to prepare for any inspection beforehand. If you expect conduction of a tax inspection, the experts of our company are ready within the shortest possible period of time to analyze your financial activity, accounting and tax policy, indicate the weaknesses and provide the required recommendations.

2. Examination support

If a tax inspection is already commenced, the lawyers of our company will help to protect your rights and ensure observation of laws. Unfortunately, tax inspectors often delay the process, demand irrelevant documents, make unreasonable requests and search for an opportunity to collect additional penalties. That is why employees of the tax service must interact with qualified lawyers whose tax knowledge will help to protect the position of your company even with the most meticulous tax inspector. Any documents and responses to questions will be carefully prepared with due consideration of the subsequent legal consequences. Our experts will make sure that the inspection is not delayed, and the certificate is provided to you on a timely basis. Also, we will help to detect violations in the work of the inspectors, including those which prevent bringing to tax liability.

3. Consideration and appealing of the inspection results

According to the results of the inspection, the tax service is obliged to provide to you a certificate specifying the detected violations, the time limits and recommendations on their correction, as well as the liability provided for by the Tax Code. If, in your opinion, the complaints of inspectors are unsubstantiated and exaggerated, our experts will prepare objections and protect your rights in a prejudicial or, whenever required, judicial proceeding.

The high qualification and experience of employees of Skif Consulting will make it possible to solve your tax problems quickly and efficiently, to obtain an equitable decision and to protect your rights and legal interests.

Among our clients using this form of servicing are CJSC "Russtroybank" and the Non-Profit Partnership “Kotovo” Cottage Settlement”.

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