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Registration of subsidiaries

Establishment of a subsidiary at the territory of the Russian Federation represents a next step in the process of investing into Russia. It is a convenient variant of expansion of business and lightening of control over management of affairs. In contrast to a representative office (branch) representing only a department of the parent company, a subsidiary is an independent legal entity established according to the Russian law and possessing its own articles of association, director and liability. A subsidiary is more autonomous than an established representative office or branch. A subsidiary independently organizes its activity, engages employees and keeps tax accounts (and it significantly reduces the tax losses of the parent company).

That is why establishment of subsidiaries is the most suitable option if your company is going to expand its business at the territory of the Russian Federation, but wishes to avoid daily control and additional load upon the structures of the parent firm.

Skif Consulting is ready to provide all the required assistance in arrangement and support of the process of registration of your subsidiary at the territory of the Russian Federation.

Lawyers of our company have large experience in provision of similar services and are ready to provide consultations on any questions the client may have, as well as to help at all stages of registration of a subsidiary:

- preliminary consultations with regard to selection of the form of the future enterprise and its tax system, etc.;

- preparation of documents for registration, as well as their translation and legalization;

- development of bilingual organizational documents of the subsidiary and their agreement with the lawyers of the parent company;

- submission of documents to registration authorities and receipt of registered documents;

- registration of a subsidiary with all authorized state bodies of the Russian Federation (the Pension Fund, statistical authorities, etc.);

- opening of a bank account and registration of charter capital of a subsidiary.

The time limit provided for by the legislation for registration of a subsidiary is 5 business days. In practice, the whole procedure (collection, preparation, agreement and submission of documents) takes up about 30-40 calendar days.

Complete information about the cost of our services for corporate registration is provided in the Tariffs section. 

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