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Checking of the accounting

Control is a measure every company requires as much as regulation, planning, analysis and accounting. Inspection of correctness of accounting means detection of accuracy of tax and accounting reporting. The need for inspection of an organization and the state of its accounts may occur in the following cases:

- in case of replacement of a chief accountant;

- for assessment of tax risks;

- when a manager wishes to assure himself/herself of the compliance of tax and accounting reporting with the requirements of the applicable legislation.

In order to determine the accuracy of maintenance of accounting (when it corresponds to the legislation and fairly represents the results and condition of financial and economic activities of the firm), one should involve only highly competent experts who have the relevant experience and required knowledge. Such inspection implying cooperation between the parties and their equitable relations shall be performed by an independent expert. A competently performed inspection allows finding of mistakes in accounting arrangement and the factors worsening the financial position of the firm, as well as the reasons of occurrence of misstatements in the accounting statements.

Determination of correctness of accounting includes inspections of:

- preparation of accounting reports;

- arrangement of the accounting process;

- arrangement of document management;

- correspondence of tax and accounting documents to the legislation of the Russian Federation;

- correctness and timeliness of tax payments;

- correctness of filing of tax returns;

- observance of labour legislation.

As a result of the performed work, an inspection certificate is prepared, and recommendations for the client are formed with indication of the following data: correctness of accrual of resources for labour payments and other payments to employees, correctness of tax payments, observance of the terms and conditions of credit contracts and terms and conditions of supply contracts, etc. Also, the degree of general acceptability of accounting, correctness of the amounts included therein, arithmetic truth of the accounting items, etc., are defined.

Experts of our company will quickly and competently conduct an inspection of correctness of maintenance of accounting, and it will provide to the management of the company or enterprise an opportunity to fully own the information about the state of affairs in the accounting department and avoid possible negative consequences.

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