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Director General of Skif Consulting Dmitry Demidenko took part in the Presentation of the Supreme Arbitration Court and Centre for Mediation

On November 8, 2016, the Franco-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry formally presented the Arbitrage Tribunal and Mediation Center.

The chairman of the court Mr Michel de Guillenchmidt and the general director of Skif Consulting Dmitry Demidenko, the clerk of court, spoke about the advantages of arbitration proceedings, the procedure of dispute settlement as well as about the enforcement of the judgements of the tribunal. Charles-Henri Roy, the managing partner of Brandi Partners and the president of the Mediation Center, presented the services of the Center.

The Arbitrage Tribunal and Mediation Center present alternative ways of dispute resolution (without appealing to state courts).

The presentation drew more than 70 experts. 

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