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General tariff principles

Our price policy is rather flexible and allows every client to choose the service payment scheme that best fits their needs.

The following payment principles are available for legal services:

1. Payment by the Hour

Traditionally adopted worldwide method of legal services rating on the basis of the time spent on preparation and holding of a consultation.

When paid by the hour, the reference cost per hour of consultations is:

  • for legal consultations (except for the tax law issues and litigation support) – 160 euro per hour.
  • for tax consultations – 200 euro per hour.

The reference hourly cost is reduced upon subscription service, major long-term projects etc.

Upon subscription service, the reference hourly cost is determined as the monthly subscription fee according to the chosen rate schedule, divided by the number of hours included in this rate schedule. The services exceeding the limit included in the rate schedule are charged at this rate.

For long-term projects the reference hourly cost may be agreed by the parties.

Making use of the reference hourly cost implies that the client’s tasks are performed by a senior specialist (subject to consultation field – senior accountant and (or) chief legal adviser and (or) chief tax adviser).

Involvement of head of a structural unit (tax, accounting, legal), unless otherwise agreed, implies a 20% increase in the reference hourly cost fixed for the client (project).

Involvement of specialized personnel (accountant, legal adviser, tax adviser), unless otherwise agreed, implies a 30% decrease in the reference hourly cost fixed for the client (project).

Simultaneous work of two or more specialists is charged per each specialist separately, assistants excepted.

Work of assistants, performed with a specialist, is not charged. Unsupervised technical work of assistants is charged at 30% rate of the reference hourly cost fixed for the client (project).

2. Payment by the Project

This rating principle is usually used upon support in major transactions, registration acts, litigation, insolvency cases, and debt collection. The cost of a project is agreed and fixed beforehand, on an individual basis.

In general, the service package cost of representation in arbitration and general jurisdiction courts is from 1,000 euro. If the litigation implies debt collection, the success compensation, as a percentage of the actual collected funds, shall be provided. For further information refer to the relevant section.

3. Payment on a Subscription Basis.

A subscription fee implies monthly fixed payments that have been agreed earlier and grant the client legal services to a certain extent. By concluding a subscription legal service contract you can reduce the reference hourly cost by up to 25% and expect favorable service conditions upon support in litigation, debt collection, conflicts with enforcement authorities, and other non-standard legal situations. The prices for subscription legal service are available here.

Prices for accounting service depend on the serviced company’s work volume. For more details click on the link.

Tax consulting is charged on the same principles as legal services, with the reference hourly cost in this case being higher due to complexity of the relevant legislation.

If you have any questions concerning the prices for our services and the rating principles, you may contact us by e-mail or by phone

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