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Intellectual property

Intellectual property items in need of protection exist in acidities of each company. Such items include trademarks, service marks, corporate names, inventions, software, etc.

Our company offers a complex of services related to protection of intellectual property of clients, including such services as:

- consulting of clients on the issues related to intellectual property;

- registration of intellectual property items;

- judicial protection of clients from infringement of their intellectual property.

Surely, clients may independently register and protect their intellectual property items, but, considering the complexity and entanglement of the relevant legislation, it is more appropriate to engage experts for this purpose. After all, any made mistake may be a reason for a refusal.

The cost of registration of intellectual property items is fixed. The cost of the other services depends on the complexity of each specific case. 

Among our clients using this form of servicing are LLC "FRBAC" and Sescoi International.

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