Business Breakfast "Cryptocurrency Market Regulation and ICO in Russia"

"Cryptocurrency Market Regulation and ICO: Real Experience and Behavioral Strategies" - this was the subject on the agenda of the joint meeting of the Finance Committee as well as the Investment and Safety Committee on information technology. On this occasion, our company was represented by our senior lawyer Daria Kalish. The situation of the cryptocurrency market changes every day. Therefore, the latest information on its stability, the approach of the ICO-projects by the SEC and other regulatory bodies as well as the regulatory prospects of the Russian Federation are more topical than ever. Daria Kalish helped to sort out the innovations in more detail by highlighting factors to consider when investing in an ICO project, as well as common fraudulent ICO schemes taking the example of some court decisions (such as Dominique Dakrua, PlexCorps, PlexCoin, DL Innov Inc., Gestio Inc.). Maria Andrianova, Director of Legal Affairs at DeHedge, was the speaker of the meeting. Maria, a company lawyer with practical experience in the field of project support for the ICO, presented the legal risks inherent in ICO support: weak legal culture of market players, lack of understanding between the founders, excessive expectations in terms of security blokchain technologies and smart contracts as well as other risks related to specific projects. The experts showed strong concerns about the ICO-subject projects and the preparation of the Russian market. This is why the guests, including representatives of companies such as Arkadin, DeHedge, ICO PROJECT, MTS, Rosbank, CMS RUSSIA, SMARTLIFE, met of this breakfast to discuss these problems and share their experience.

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