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Accounting services

Accounting service implies transfer of accounting service functions of client to specialists of Limited liability Company “Skif Consulting”.

Maintenance of accounting service not by own efforts, but by efforts of our company, has a variety of significant advantages, especially if your business does not relate to the category of large business.

Firstly, subscription fee for accounting service is substantially lower than qualified chief accountant, cost of which at the present time on labor market varies from 70 000 to 150 000 rubles a month. Herewith account must be taken of substantial economies in social taxes, arrangement and material support of work place etc.

Secondly, the problem of financial accounting arrangement, recruiting for accountancy and other related tasks are completely and totally imposed on our company, thereby releasing a great amount of “pain in the neck” from client, and this enables him completely and totally focus on core activities.

Thirdly, skill level of our specialist, their specialization and concentration on bookkeeping as a core activity, enables us to surely guarantee the client that number of accounting and tax mistakes will be minimized, it will allow to avoid punitive penalties and other troubles.

Fourthly, besides accounting support, you may count on qualified legal support, that is also included in subscription fee, thereby resolving the problem of absence of not only accountant, but lawyer.

Basic types of services, rendered in the process of accounting service, are described in the relevant subsections:


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