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Consultations on subscription basis

Subscription legal servicing of business provided by Skif Consulting includes provision of the following services on a constant basis:

  • oral express consultations, opinions, as well as provision of references on legal issues related to the professional sphere of activity of the client (including inspection of concluded contracts and other documents);
  • opinions on problem issues in a written form, with provision of a regulatory and legal framework and recommendations based on the legal acts in force, with due consideration of the practice of solving of similar cases and specific circumstances of the client;
  • preparation and development of responses to requests of state bodies in writing, contracts and other legal documents which are, in particular, related to arbitration and legal proceedings;
  • participation of an employee of a company in court sessions and negotiations.

In this case, you pay not for one-time services, but each month pay a subscription fee for the servicing. The amount of payment and the scope of services are determined by the selected tariff plan formed with due consideration of the working hours spent by the lawyers of our company. 

Why is subscription legal servicing provided by our company more advantageous than upkeep of an in-house lawyer?

  • Currently, a salary of a beginning lawyer in Moscow is about 50,000 rubles. Whereas, services of an experienced lawyer require payment of at least 80,000 rubles. The cost of the services provided by our lawyers is much lower.
  • Besides payment of salaries, upkeep of an in-house lawyer involves expenses related to payment of taxes, education, advisory programs, as well as support of the work place (computer, Internet, mobile communication, etc.). Applying to our company, you pay only for the provided legal services on actual basis. The expenses related to the technical aspect of this issue are borne by us.
  • Lawyers of our company are experts of various profiles, who are able to meet any challenge, whereas a single in-house lawyer may be not competent enough to solve a required issue.
  • An in-house lawyer may take a leave, get sick or even resign from the job. Our staff of lawyers includes many experts each of them is ready to provide to you qualified assistance at any time.

Please note that by signing a contract on subscription legal servicing you undertake to pay a subscription fee regardless of the frequency of use of the services included into the tariff. If you are not sure that you need regular legal assistance, the most convenient option for you is conclusion of a contract on hourly legal servicing. This form of cooperation combines the conditions of a subscriber’s contract and one-time requests for services.

In this case, the scope of services is calculated at the end of each month on the basis of the number of working hours spent by our lawyers. Such form of cooperation is convenient for those who wish to get priority servicing notwithstanding infrequency of requests for services. However, it must be emphasized that the cost of a working hour in such a case will be a little higher.

Among our clients using this form of servicing are CJSC “Russtroybank” and CJSC “Gerflor”.

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